Bottle decorations

We can provide fully decorated bottles using screen printing, hot-stamp foil and decal transfers. The selection of a decoration technique is determined by the artwork design. It is possible to combine screen print with hot-stamp foil to achieve a full wrap decoration on the bottle body. Hot-stamp foil elements are normally applied to single faces, while Decal transfers, including foils can be fully body-wrapped or applied to separate zones on the bottles' body.

Direct applied decorations

At the same site where our wine bottles are produced, we can arrange to add customised decorations using up to 5 colour screen print, hot-stamp foils or Decal transfer (for CMYK or fine details). Your bottle of choice from our range, can be decorated using the techniques described below. Decoration elements are baked on and become part of the glass, making them scratch resistant. Screen print, being the most resilient option.

For wine bottles selected from our range the set up cost is minimal but the MOQ for screen printing is usually 20,000 units (depending on the design). Smaller quantities are possible using the other decoration techniques. The quantity requirement can be discussed.

Summary of 3 embellishment options:

There are three techniques available to decorate Chandler’s range of wine bottles at the bottle factory. These options include:-

  • Screen printing – is the fastest, most automated application and by far the most cost-effective decoration technique.
  • Hot-stamp foil – is striking with the possibility of range of foil colour that pop, but is best used when decoration designs are more simple – and must be applied to label straight zone and/or opposing label panel areas.
  • Decal transfer – is the most time consuming, as it is hand applied, but provides the opportunity for extremely detailed or elaborate decorations, making it the most flexible decoration technique. It can include CMYK and foils and can be applied to large radius curves, such as the shoulder of a Burgundy bottle.
Tooling and sampling costs:
  • For option 1 & 2 of these options we can supply up to 12 bottle samples for a fixed cost (POA).
  • The one off establishment tooling costs for screen print and Hot-Stamp foil decoration are under USD400 per design.
  • The Decal transfer, Option 3 above, establishment costs are USD1,650 per design variant, therefore the sampling cost is the same price.

To find out more detail on decoration processes, parameters and set-ups: Click here to download