Quality Control

The quality standards employed at our factories during the production of our Bottles and Vcaps and the on-site execution of the quality control processes by our own Quality Control personnel are uniquely offer by Chandler.

We are the only company with our own QC staff present during all production runs — day and night, weekends and public holidays. This means we can manage quality consistency from pallet to pallet and from batch to batch.

Bottle Quality Control Points

When molten glass is blown into a cast iron mould, there is always slight variation. There's no getting away from the fact that each and every bottle is minutely different.

Our QC staff are positioned on line at the factory to constantly conduct quality control on all of our own production runs, 24 hours/ 7 days. They monitor variations and trends, acting quickly to deal with any out-of-spec production that may occur from time to time.

Bottles are routinely checked on the production line, after the electronic inspection station, prior to palletisation. The monitoring points include compliance tests against recognised standards, as well as physical and visual checks to ensure bottle performance and aesthetic expectations are met.

These checks are conducted throughout production and any deviation from the agreed standard will ensure the bottle is rejected. 

We pride ourselves on the trueness of our label faces, integrity of the BVS parameters and resilience of the surface coating.

During production, the main QC points our staff look for are:

  • Anti-thermo shock behaiour
  • Internal Stress
  • Internal Surface
  • Bottle Mouth Finish
  • Bottle bore and neck
  • Slope of finish
  • Surface cracks and checks
  • Air bubbles
  • Smoothness of surface
  • Mould joint - seam visibility
  • Cat scratches
  • Scissors cut imprint
  • Washboard "neck creases"
  • Capacity at fill point
  • Weight
  • External diameter / ovality
  • Vertical axis
  • Bottle height
  • Side wall and base thickness
  • Sink & Bulge of label panel
  • Surface treatment
  • Pallet shroud integrity
  • Pallet stability 

Vcap Quality Control

Screwcaps (in conjunction with the bottle top rim) perform the vital task of maintaining the wine in the condition the winemaker desires.

Being a mechanically ‘punched’ device (unlike bottles, which are formed from molten glass) screwcaps tend to be more uniform.

There are, however, a number of key screwcap parameters that require close and continuous quality monitoring:- bridges (torque), liners, colours / artwork, cap skirt edges and post-manufacturing handling.

Our VCap Key Quality Control Points are adhered to during all Chandler production runs. These points are monitored within established AQL tolerances and comply with recognised international standards:-

  • Alloy
  • Dimensions
  • Seal Conformity
  • Liner Seal Placement
  • Opening Torques
  • Screwcap Exterior Conformity
  • Screw cap Cleanliness
  • Varnish & Colour-Presence and quality of internal varnish
  • External Embellishments quality and colour tolerances
  • Packaging

Our unique Quality Control staffing structure provides Chandler’s clients with a “nurse at the top of the cliff rather than ambulance at the bottom of the cliff” solution to monitoring and maintaining quality during each and every production run.