Vcap screwcaps

Vcaps (Chandler’s screwcap brand) are manufactured in one of the most advanced and efficient screwcap manufacturing facilities in the world. We pride ourselves on producing high quality, consistent and price-efficient screw caps to New Zealand and international markets.

At Chandler, we strive to consistently provide reliable, uniform and competitively priced closures.

Alongside our manufacturer, we apply our unique systems for sourcing, coordination, Quality Control and logistics to each and every production run. Our manufacturing partner uses global leading-edge manufacturing equipment. 

Vcap’s long skirt (30x60) screwcaps for the wine sector are our key focus, however we also supply caps specifically for the spirit, food and soft drink sectors.

Chandler’s Vcaps are:
  • Reliable (trouble free)
  • Consistent
  • Quality controlled (by manufacturer and Chandler’s QC team)
  • Supported by outstanding technical support / customer service
  • Delivered on time

Stephan Jelicich, previously co-owner of Esvin for 14 years, was a prime force in the introduction and astronomical growth of screwcaps to New Zealand from 2000-2005 (Esvin held the Pechiney-Stelvin agency for New Zealand 1997-2005) and opened New Zealand’s first screwcap manufacturing facility in 2005 before selling this to Guala in 2007.

Stephan is a member of a small handful of the most experienced and knowledgeable screwcap closure practitioners in Australasia.