Vcap Decorations

Vcap have the capability to produce a number of intricate and unique design techniques. See below for details of these techniques used by our customers.

Base coated & screen print

Side base coated colour with screen printed decoration + off-set top decoration

Off-set side & Top

Negative off-set printed side & top decorations

Top & Side Metallic

Metallic side base coated with off-set top & side printed decoration

Matte Base & top decoration

Matte off-set printed top decoration with matte side base-coating

Matte Base & Screen Print Side

Matte top and base + screen printed side decoration

Side printed & top emboss

Negative off-set printed side decoration + 'fixed position' top embossed decoration

Side Emboss

A raised design around the sides of the cap. Can be lettering or a brand design. 

Top & Side Emboss

Side dry embossed + an embossed top decoration with foil

Side Foil & Dry Top Emboss

Base coloured cap with side hot-foil and dry (unprinted) top emboss

side foil + coloured emboss

Base coloured cap with side hot-foil + top print & 'fixed position' partial top emboss

Top & Side Hot-foil

Base colour cap + hot-foil side and top decorations

The Works

Base coloured cap with hot foil side band + screen printed side decoration & hot-foil top decoration with 'fixed position' emboss.