We produce both single and double-layer lay-down cartons for a range of clients. Lay-down cartons offer a practical, but stylish solution to present your wine range, or a special edition selection of bottles.


Our Lay-Down cartons are an alternative way to present your premium wines. These are available as either a single or double layer configuration.

Chandler's lay-down (horizontal) cartons are an alternative way to present your premium wines, allowing for full display of the bottles when the carton is opened. 

We can offer these printed using Flexo, standard litho and high LPI Flexo. The corrugated cardboard for our lay- down packs can be either single or double flute (i.e. BE, BC, CE, EE).  

As with all of our cartons, we focus heavily on ensuring that our lay-down packs are rigid and robust, using edge-crush testing for verification of this. 

Our lay-down packs are available as either single (6 bottle, in-line or top & tail configuration) or double layer configuration for 12 bottles. We can design these to open as a single lid format with lock or with the more standard RSC flaps.

MOQ for our lay-down packs is usually 10,000 units.  

In order to begin the order process, we will need some detail from you. So, before you call, please ensure you have considered the following:

  • Bottle model/ type to be put inside the carton
  • Cap or closure type used on the bottle
  • Partition material required or type (if moulded, we need sample; if corrugate - E, B, C Flute)
  • Colour references for the carton decoration (or an existing carton sample to match)
  • The design/ art lay-up including positioning of all elements, vintage date, varietal, barcode, etc.*
  • Quantity of cartons you require and delivery split p.a. (e.g. QUANTITY: pallets, 20ft FCL, 40ft FCL)
  • Delivery location required/ Bottler 

*Once we receive your final or draft artwork we will provide immediate feedback on the ideal print technique to provide the best visual outcome.